Top 5 Dream Catcher Online Casino Game Features

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Dream Catcher was the first money wheel game that could be played both online and in a live version. It was launched in 2017, and since then, it has pretty much created a whole new type of live game. 

Players love how easy and simple it is to play, as well as how the bonus increases can go on forever. Gamers who are addicted to this particular game consider it to be one of the best casino games ever.

5 Dream Catcher Game Features  

It is a live gambling game with a money wheel and a very easy way to play. It is the first game in Evolution’s Entertainment series, a group of games that go beyond simple gambling. Dream Catcher is available on your favourite online betting site in India. 

Bonus Multipliers

The two multiplier sections X2 and X7 are an important part of the game because they can lead to big payouts. 

If the wheel stops on one of the multiplier segments, either x2 or x7, all bets continue and the wheel starts to spin again. 

When the wheel lands on a winning number, all winning bets are multiplied by 2 or 7, based on the multiplier from the previous spin.


Once you’ve made a bet, Autoplay lets you keep making the repeated bet or bets for as many rounds as you want.

Place your bets and then click or tap the Autoplay button to start Autoplay.

In the Autoplay screen, you can choose how many times you want your bets to be played before Autoplay starts.

On the Autoplay button, your chosen number of rounds will be shown. Once Autoplay has begun, the number of rounds remaining will be updated.

Your specified number of autoplay rounds will be played until they are finished, or you may opt to stop autoplay by clicking or pressing STOP.

Game History

When you click the history option, a window displaying all of the game rounds you’ve participated in and the results will open.

You could look back at your previous gaming activities by:

Account history, which includes a list of all the dates, games, bet amounts, and returns from your account. The most recent game round to be played is at the top of the list.

When you click or touch a game in the game column, game history displays your gaming history.


You can interact with the game’s host as well as other participants. In the chat area, by typing your message.

By pressing Enter or the arrow button in the designated chat box to send out your message.

To expand or otherwise dismiss the chat window, use the chat icon. The chat window can be resized and moved to any location on your screen.


This is a useful tool that lets you keep track of how the game is going and make informed decisions. It shows you the most recent multipliers that were used on each section of the wheel. 

For example, if the wheel stopped at x7, then x2, then 5, the last segment multiplier for 5 would be x14. You will also see how often and how much each multiplier shows up in each section.

 Final Thoughts

Dream Catcher, an interesting Evolution game, essentially created a whole new genre of live casino games. It merits recognition just for that aspect.