These Online Board Games Have Taken the Internet by Storm

Virtual gaming has been a rage among the masses for many decades now. Gaming enthusiasts love indulging in different genres or categories of online games with friends or acquaintances. One such category is board games. 

The Guardian has conferred the title of “The Golden Age for Board Games” to the past decade, primarily because different types of board games have become popular among the masses. A massive contributing factor that facilitated the genre of board games to acquire the title is the online iterations of different board games. 

This article will shed light on some of the most popular online board games that have taken the Internet by storm:

  • Chess24

When it comes to strategy-based board games, chess stands tall among all other competitors. Besides being fun and exciting, indulging in chess allows players to use their cognitive abilities to win matches. There are numerous online chess games readily available, but the one game that stands out is chess24. 

chess24 is a popular online chess game that chess enthusiasts love playing. The online game offers players all the required features anyone could ask for in an online chess game. The renowned Playzone section of the app allows players to compete with players of all skill levels and enhance their chess skills. 

Another prominent feature of the online game is that it provides chess lovers with all the latest updates from the chess world, which makes it an absolute favorite of hardcore chess fans. To conclude, it is a solid free online board game that interested individuals can check out. 

  • MPL Ludo

Ludo has been deemed the most popular board game globally thanks to the massive fan following it enjoys globally. Millions of people indulge in ludo games with their friends both offline and online. When it comes to the online medium, the online ludo game on the MPL app is a highly popular online board game that is played daily by tons of people. 

The exceptional game features numerous elements which make it a fan-favorite online board game. For starters, the game features multiple game modes, each of which allows players to experience the ludo board game uniquely. Besides this, MPL Ludo also offers players the opportunity of winning exciting rewards by winning matches. 

To play ludo online on the MPL app, all an individual needs to do is navigate to MPL’s official platform, enter their number and click on the download link received as an SMS to download the app and get started. Overall, the ludo game on the MPL app is a top-tier online board game that has managed to create a loyal fan following for itself, thanks to its exciting features. 

  • Snakes and Ladders King

In terms of popularity and recognition, the snakes and ladders board game does not lag much behind ludo. Thanks to easy-to-learn rules and gameplay, the game is loved and played by many people globally, especially in the Indian subcontinent. Besides playing the game in the classic offline mode, fans love indulging in online snakes and ladders games. The Snakes and Ladders King game is a fine example. 

The free-to-play online board game retains all the important elements of the board game and adds to its appeal by featuring numerous tweaks, each of which enhances players’ experience. For starters, the online game’s rules are similar to the classic game’s official ones. The primary objective of players is to make their playing piece reach the final square before their opponents. 

The game features three game modes, each allowing players to experience the game in a new light. The most interesting one is the Survival Mode. Besides this, the classic and multiplayer game modes are also loved by enthusiasts. Anyone who loves the snakes and ladders board game should definitely check out Snakes and Ladders King.

  • 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip

8 ball pool is one of the most popular cue sports variants played and followed by millions of fans globally. Besides playing the game physically, enthusiasts also love indulging in online iterations of the strategic board game. A prime example is the 8 Ball Pool Game by Miniclip.

The high-rated online board game comes packed with some of the best features and functionalities that make it a fan favorite. For instance, the game features multiple game modes, bringing something new and unique to the table. Besides this, players can use in-game credits to unlock new cues and board skins.

8 Ball Pool by Miniclip allows players to link their social media accounts to the game. This helps players connect with their friends and easily play virtual pool games.  

  • Real Carrom

Carrom is another tabletop/board game that is very popular in different parts of the globe, especially the Indian subcontinent. The online Real Carrom game offers players the opportunity to experience the classic game virtually in all its glory. 

The game features realistic visual elements in addition to seamless gameplay, both of which allow players to have a lifelike experience of the game. Furthermore, like other games, Real Carrom features numerous game modes, each of which facilitates players to experience the game in a fresh way. 

Besides playing with friends, players can also practice by playing against AI-based bots to enhance their skills. Real Carrom is perfect for online gaming enthusiasts who love the carrom board game.

Online board games are loved by the masses since they facilitate enthusiasts to experience the game realistically while being virtual. Online gaming enthusiasts can check the aforementioned board games to have a seamless experience.